90Miles Theatre Company will go “Back to the ’80s” at their upcoming cabaret
In the 1985 film, Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly, travelled through time back to the ‘50s in a souped-up DeLorean converted into a time machine. But no such device will be necessary for modern-day Hudson Valley-ites who wish to go back to the ‘80s for a night: all one needs is a ticket to the 90 Miles Theatre Company’s next themed cabaret, “Back to the ‘80s,” on Saturday, March 30 at Boughton Place, 150 Kisor Road in Highland....
The theater company currently uses the stage at Highland High School for musicals and hosts a series of themed cabarets and smaller shows on the historic Moreno Stage at Boughton Place. Built at the Moreno Institute in Beacon in 1936 to facilitate the practice of psychodrama, the stage was eventually dismantled and reassembled at Boughton Place, where it offers an intimate environment with stellar acoustics.

“It’s an interesting place to have a show,” says LoCastro. “It’s intimate, but has just enough pizzazz to add to the ambiance of our shows. Musicals are so big; you really need a large stage and room for all the props, but with cabaret it’s all about the singers. And people have been enjoying our cabarets so much, we plan to continue doing as many as we can.” 
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90 Miles Theatre Company Inc was nominated for 12 awards including: best actor in a play, best actress in a play, best actor in a musical, and best actress in a musical.  We are proud to announce the following awards:

Best Costume Design
Olivia Arcuri - INTO THE WOODS - 90 Miles Theater Company
Best Director of a Musical
Philip Corso Jr - INTO THE WOODS - 90 Miles Theater Company
Best Musical
INTO THE WOODS - 90 Miles Theater Company

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